My book live always on?

Hi MBL is always on. When I dont access to files its quieter but still on…

Does it ever get overheated?

also how much data does MBL use if I let say want to watch 700mb movie on a computer?

Does it use 700mb?

Thank you very much all!

Hello!  Yes, your MBL is always on, unless you use the Dashboard UI to turn it off.  Otherwise, it would not be accessible.  The drive inside is a WD Caviar Green drive for low acoustic volume, heat, and power.  So when the drive isn’t being used at all, it will go into sleep mode and the unit will use less power.  This happens automatically.  As long as you store the drive upright and do not cover it, it should not overheat.

Your MBL stores and retrieves files exactly as they are sent to it, just like any other hard drive.  So if you watch a 700MB file on your computer, then yes, the entire contents of the file will be transferred to the computer, maybe a little more for protocol overhead, or if you skip around in the movie.

The only exception to this is that your MBL will make thumbnail and mobile-friendly images if you use the WD Photos app with your phone.