My Book Live 3TB Slow Performance - DIrect Connection

I am always connect my MBL 3TB directly to my Macbook Pro via supplied Ethernet cable. I find the performance is very poor, and most time annoying.

  1. Slow initiate connection.
  2. Very slow navigate around in the drive. Finder takes sometimes to load the content. And if the folder contains .ai, .psd or other relatively bigger file size images, the finder hangs and become unresponsive because it is loading preview thumbnails. 
  3. Finder become unresponsive at randoom pattern, even though I am not navigating in the drive or accessing files from the drive. 

Not sure how useful is this info in this test, but I am uploading it here:  DiskSpeedTest.png

I am using this drive mainly for backup also primary working drive as all my working (design/drawing) are stored here at the moment. 

At the worst scenario, I will just break the casing and take out the HDD and dock it to become a USB drive instead, which is painful, for the price I paid. 

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In my opinion it would be a waste to brake the case, just buy an external USB hard drive for that. For the My book performance be sure to have the latest firmware installed and check the link below for some recommendations on how to improve the transfer speed.

None of those help. My Macbook Pro late 2011 is sure euipped with Gigabit ethernet port, and i have no anti virus app installed. 

Moreover as mentioned, my configuration is direct connection. 


Same here, it’s up to date with the latest firmware on a Gb switch connected to this PC with a Gb controller.  I can actually write faster a an external USB hard drive hanging off another PC on the switch.  Speedwise this is not an impressive device.

Same here - got myself a WD 3 TB some six months ago, and it’s not more than crawling all the time. Connected over USB to my MacPro. It’s hopeless. And it’s *not* us, it’s the [Deleted] HD…

Believe it or not, these are the actual up/down speeds: 0,2 MB/s!

Ideas anyone?


I’m not sure it’s not your network config, even though it’s direct connect. I can hardwire off my MacBook Pro (Late 2011) and see throughput speeds that  certainly beat USB2.0 hands down. So much so that I actually have a bit different issue, in that I can thrash the drive so hard it goes out on thermal overload. 

Sure your networking is all correct? On a direct connect you should be same subnet/mask, and shouldn’t even need a gateway address as it’s local.  

somebody here, Tony maybe? swapped out his NIC for an older model he’d replaced and his speeds went way up.  I’d certainly try another non mac computer before you trash it.  I’m using vista through a wireless N router and my speed is just fine.

duplex mismatch maybe?

What are the network configuration need to be done? Please advise. Thank you.

Wow - this shows 8mb/sec. That is TWICE what I am getting. This device is useless and a waste of money. I would not even want it for free.  I have wasted time updating drivers and reinstalling softrware but do not waste your time - this is just a way to get you to waste even MORE time so maybe you get exhausted and do not complain about a pathetic product that is not worth a dime.

I am not buying any more WD and I urge anyone out there to avoid their products.

I’m having the same response problem as the members above.

WD-MBL-3TB is hanging off a 10/100 Router. I’m accessing that over Wi-Fi from WinXP.

I get very good response from a WD-MBE-2TB that is USB’d to another WinXP, cabled to the same Router.

I’ve not done much data transfer as yet, as I’ve 2 TB ready to roll, and I’m not touching it until I sort this response issue out.

In regards to WD-MBL-3TB:

  • Response via Program Manager is approx 25 seconds to ROOT, then 25 secs for Public, on a good run. I’ve seen this go into minutes. Afterwards is pretty much instantaneous.

  • Response via Quick View - Dashboard: I go away, make a Coffee, come back, finish most of it…yada yada. Even then, I only get a base menu. Clicking an option sets it all off again, and fails to give me anything but the base menu again.

My initial thoughts were maybe the WD-MBL-3TB doesn’t like my aging Router. However, at initial installation, response times seemed quite adequate. In fact, returning to the CD Setup, and moving forward through Discovery, etc, Dashboard returns to it’s (I feel) proper responsiveness.

So, I’ve had ‘instances’ where the unit has suggested it may actually be able to perform properly. I need to identify what factors are working for, or against.

At this point, I’m going right back to scratch, reset everything, and see if I can’t manage some improvement.

As per above:

I ran through the config, verified my desired settings, then (soft) shut down the unit, via Quick View. Next, it was ‘whey-hey’ - a quick paperclip up the bum.

The unit was brought back online. Response was very good, from several workstations.

Then, writing about 1 Gb of data, the ‘Minute Remaining’ was fluctuating between 30 and 90. As I’ve previously mentioned my router is 10/100, so the lower end of this ‘fluctuation’ was acceptable.

Taking a mental note of network activities over the period in question, indications were, an older workstation running Win2000 hanging off a 568-A Cat 5 cable was the culptrit. Now, I have no idea if either factor is significant, but it became obvious that the WD-MBL-3TB didn’t like dealing with that workstation.

What I did next, was an even better trick. Serendipity. I discovered Gigabit Switches cost the same as about three pizzas, I popped out and grabbed an 8 porter. It turns out, most of my machines have 1G NICs, so they went on the 1 Gig loop, and the Win2000 machine was left on the 10/100 loop.

And bugger me if the WD-MBL-3TB doesn’t fly through the roof now. In fact, and quite obviously, the entire cabled portion of the network is cruising along.

My apologies for such a verbose anecdote.  :wink:  I hope it provides some options for trouble-shooting and resolution.