My Book Live 3 TB - will it do Win 7 System Images?

In researching large backup drives, I’ve seen several comments to the effect that the new Advanced Format drives are NOT compatible with Windows 7 system images.  Because the main reason I’m looking for an NAS is for backup, it won’t do me very much good if I can’t make system images on it. :mansad:

I would be very much interested in responses from people who actually have made Win 7 x64 system images on a 3 TB My Book Live (or, for that matter, on a 2 TB My Book Live).

As an alternate to the Win 7 built-in backup, I could use Acronis True Image Home 2012.  So if anyone has actual experience using TIH to make disk images on these WD products, I’d like to hear from you.

Part of the problem is that my system has a SSD for the OS and a separate rotating drive for the user data … so I have to make images of two disks.  Having just gone through restoring another computer that had only data backed up, I would much prefer to restore using images rather than file backups. 

As long as you don’t have the Home Premium version of Windows 7 you will be able to use windows backup, it doesn’t matter to the computer if the internal MBL hard drive uses advanced format or not, since you are using an Ethernet cable to connect it.