My Book Live 2T - Discovery has never worked - Green LED blinking forever


I recently got My Book Live 2T as a replacement for the defective unit.

After I try to configure new unit, I’ve never be able to discovered this new unit. The Green LED is always blinking forever.

I try to reset, reboot my PC, connect MBL direct to my PC, … none of those solves my problem.

Until now, I don’t know the IP address of my MBL, I can’t access it thru UI (http://mybooklive/).

Anybody has this experince or does know how to solve the problem?



Hi Viboon

I am afraid I cannot help, but see my separate post “Me And My 3 MBLs”. If I refer to my contacts with WD, there is little a standard user can do if the unit is bricked and undiscoverable on the network. You should contact them an initiate a RMA I guess.


Hi Mblmayday,

Thanks for sharing info. I’ll try RMA.



Hi Vibbon and Mblmayday, i have this problem now with my book live 3T, i dont know what is RMA, can you help me please. Thanks