My Book keeps unmounting and error code 36 when I transfer files


I have a 500GB My Book (WD5000D032-000) which is out of warranty as I have had it for a few years now.

It is formatted with FAT and when I try and transfer large files/folders from either another external hard drive or my Mac Book Pro, I get an error code 36 saying a certain file does not have permission, even though the folder permissions are both read and write!

Also when I try and format the drive, it un mounts itself.

This is very frustrating. Does anyone know a solution?

I am using a Mac Book Pro OSX 10.6.8



Chances are the drive is not going to work on the OS you have

Try another computer with an older OS

you can also try first aid

Use the disk utility to run a test.

I have run disk utility.

Why wont it work on my current OS?