My Book is resulting in "internet explorer has quit working"

I’ve been having issues with the msg “Internet Explorer has quit working”.  Then it searches for a solution; recovers; and starts the loop all over again.  I’ve done research and found out how to do a clean boot in Windows (I have Windows 7).  I narrowed down all the services until just the WDDMService and the WD file management engine were the only ones shown to cause the problem.  If I uncheck those services, I don’t have the error msg.  I’ve done the latest update to my WD SmartWard version My Book Backup storage…but it hasn’t helped. I don’t want to call tech support and spend an arm and a leg if I don’t have to.  Any suggestions!? 

Latest version of SmartWare is, you may uninstall and reinstall the latest version:

Thanks for the suggestion—I did that update and I thought it helped for awhile.  Seems everything i do helps for a while, but then I keep getting same error message.  Sooooo frustrating!  But I have come to the conclusion that it is NOT “my Book” that is the culpret.  so I will take this as the solution and maybe post on an internet/windows site for some help. Thanks again!