My Book is "empty" but shows that 392gb out of 465gb are

Hello! I hope someone can help me…


Can someone guide me in the right direction? 
I have a 500gb My Book Essentials with documents, photos, etc on it.  I used it the other day, now it doesn’t work.  It was causing my computer to hang when plugged in and Windows Explorer would be non-responsive. I did a check disk on the drive and it didn’t fix anything.

Right now, I can see the drive in Disk Manager and in Device Driver, but I cannot access the files.  It says 465 out of 465 are available. It shows as being Active, Primary Partition with FAT32 format. My laptop hard drive is: NTFS (don’t know if that means anything…)

When I view the drive in My Computer, it shows it as Drive E: (no little WD icon in the corner and AutoPlay does not pop up when I plug it in) with 392gb out of 495gb free. 

When I double click on the drive, it says there are no files/folders.

I don’t know where to turn. I’ve tried everything. The files are important. I was in the process of merging 2 MyBooks so that I could have a backup at all times, but it died before I could do that.

Please help.

Thank you in advance for your time.


In Disk Management does it say anything else down where the bars ar shown like RAW? I believe the only drive that should be marked  active is the one with the OS running. FAT 32 is more prone to corruption and has a max file size of 4 gig that it can handle. Did you reformat the drive FAT32? They normally come formatted NTFS.



I’m running into the same problem?  I’m having the same issue?  Just started using a new computer running Windows 7, 64 bit.  My WD is showing as E drive.  In Disk Management it says:  Layout, Simple  Type-Basic,  File System-RAW, Status-Healthy (Primary Partition), Capacity-465.75GB of which 465.75 is Free Space,??    

Doesn’t show in Windows Explore either?

Appreciate the help in advance


Do you need to retrieve the data from My Book? Raw means that something is corrupt. It’s late I’ll post a couple fixes tommorow or you can search out what I’ve suggested for this already this past week.



Thanks for the quick reply.  When I booted up this morning Windows doesn’t even recognize the drive?  Not even in Disk Management?

The data is also backed up elsewhere.  Is My Book salvageable or should I buy a new one?  I’ll read your other emails to see your other suggestions.


First I would try going into the device manager and see if the drive shows there. If so delete it’s driver remove drive and reboot system. Then reconnect the drive that should load a fresh driver. Did you try different USB ports and a different cable or PC if possible? Also plug power directly into wall instead of a surge pprotector. And Don’t connect drive through a hub.