My Book Home Edition fails SMART with ESATA, passes SMART with USB

I did a quick search and did not seem anything about this…

I have a 1TB my book that I purchased back in 2008 that I had been using with USB connections, when  I connected it with Esata , the drive shows as failed with DLGDIAF. I did the advanced replacement RMA and had a new My Book shipped. 

When I connected the new My Book to my computer I get the same results.  So I have two drives sitting here, one just received from WD as a warranty, and the other the original,  both with the same results/error. 

Does anyone know if this is a vailid error?

  I would have used both with the ESATA and have not seen an issues with them, they just both fail the quick test with sector errors when connected with Esata?  Any Ideas.

ESata is JMiicron KMB362

connected a 640GB Black to the ESATA with no errors.

Trying to decide if to cancel the RMA and keep the new drive or send the old drive back…

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