My Book Format Problem

Originally, I had a My Book that I was using on my iMac running Yosemite. The original My Book ended up being defective and not responsive on the Mac OR Windows. So, Western Digital had replaced it and they “presumably” gave me a new My Book. I formatted it to use on the Mac and I was using it as TM backup for about a month. Well, this 2nd My Book ended up to be defective as well after a month of using it. Last week, WD sends me a 3rd My Book and when I try to format it to use it on my iMac, I get this error message “Disk Erase Failed. Unable to write to the last block of the device”.

At this point, I don’t trust WD drives especially My Books. What are the chances of using TWO My Books on the same iMac and one fails after a month of being used AND the other one, I can’t successfully format on my Mac.

Just to clarify something, this particular My Book, originally, came formatted for Windows NOT the Mac. This particular My Book is NOT the My Book for Mac model. That should not matter but I am clarifying it.

Update: I connected it to a Windows computer running Windows 7 and this computer doesn’t even recognize the drive. When I go to Device Management and click on MBR, I receive an I/O error message. I have tried connecting two different USB cables to both the Mac and Window computers and still have no luck.

So, either WD sent me a defective hard drive OR the whole unit is bad. What do I at this point? I don’t trust WD products anymore. I can’t get a decent My Book to work on a Mac. I want a My Book to work on the Mac.