My Book for Mac Question

Hi All,

Probably a long question for a short answer. :slight_smile:

I have a 2TB WD My Book for Mac external hard drive that backs up my iMac. I have a folder that is on my iMac that I want to delete but want to keep it on My Book but want to make sure that when the backups are performed doesn’t delete this folder at all. Is there a way to make sure this folder doesn’t get deleted when older backups get deleted?

Hope this makes sense?

Thanks in advance for any assistance. :slight_smile:

It depends. If you use WD SmartWare for backups then the folder will remain within your hard drive. If you are using Apple Time Machine the folder will be eventually deleted in order to mirror your computer.

Thanks for responding.

Using Time Machine so was hoping a way to save it where it wouldnt get deleted. I guess the only option is to keep in on my computer.