My book for mac files problem

Good Afternoon everyone,

My dad purchased a WD mybook for mac 111A  1tera  drive.  He wanted me to transfer some movies over. all are mkv and avi.  I have pcs so  my pcs arent able to view the drive.

I pluged the drive to my WD LIVE TV media player and the WD LIVE saw the drive and its content so i transfered all the movies via the WD LIVE.  

The WD live sees all the movies and is able to play them.   I bring the drive over to my dads.  He plugs the drive on his mac ,  unable to see the files, only the folders.

Bring the drive back at my place. I see the movies and is able to play them

Why cant the mac see the folders but not the movies.    If i click on more info on the drive , the mac sees that its 700Gigs full.

Thank you for your help

just wanted to add information,

when my dad plugs in his wd mybook for mac onto his mac, he can view his old files that he put on there but the movies that i added are invisible. we can see the folders but the movies within the folders are not there.

Could they be hidden ?


Please connect the drive to your PC and got to Disk Management, in there check the drive file system, if the unit is NTFS the MAC won’t be able to see it.

Thank you for your reply,

The mac has no problem seing the drive and is able to view files that were transfered from a mac. 

The problem is that the mac will not show movies that i transfered via a WD live tv media player.

The movies were on a wd element drive then transfered over to the wd mybook for mac. 

Macs can read ntfs, but they may not be able to play them.

I downloaded Macdrive for the pc, ill try later on and will report back. Seems like a good app that will let the pc communicate with a HFS mac drive.

you know, rereading this, you might want to keep some things in mind.  it got confusing which one of you had the mac or the pc.  if you’re trying to pass files back and forth from macs to pcs, you will have issues.  if the drive is formatted in hfs, then the pc will need an hfs reading capability.  if the drive is in ntfs, then the mac will need to be able to read and write to ntfs.  I don’t know what programs work for that, but it seems like you already have the right idea.  just keep it consistent or you could end up corrupting the files on the drive.

Good Morning everyone,

So yesterday i installed Macdrive for my pc and then i plugged in the WD mybook for mac. Macdrive detected it and the drive showed up in my computer as a regular external drive. I was able to read and write to it with no problems at all.

drove to my dads place and his mac was able to view all the files that i transfered :slight_smile:

so that solved my issue

on a side note, i discovered a hidden folder on the drive called lost and found it was 500 gigs in size. it seemed like a copy of whatever was trashed. I asked my dad if he put that there and he said no.