My Book External 500 and 1TB Drives constantly 'hunting" or Reading

I have two WD drives My Book 500 and 1tb and they both after large transfers, backups or reformat… continue to sit there and hunt or act like its reading.  The only way I have been able to get this to stop is to use a data eraser and reformat the drive.  But if I delete large files from it or send more to it, forget it it sits there and reads and reads and reads… even when I tell xp to disconnect and I even disconnect the usb cable.  I saw a couple posts on this but wasnt sure 1) what the heck does the drive think its doing and 2) sure seems like a way for it to wear it self out.  I have two WDW 250’s in a toaster on my desktop and they dont have any of the issues.  Any ideas?

I have the same problems, it’s always doing something and never wants to disconnect, the only way it disconnects is by holding in the power button.

I just reformatted it to try and solve the problem and it doesn’t seem to make any difference.

I’ve tried running the Data Life Guard program and nothing shows up in the Physical Drive window but all drives shows up in the Logical Drive window.

What do you have for antivirus amd anti malware? Do you use any automatic backup software?