My Book Essentials

After having set up My Book Essentials drive on my computer things subsequently went “haywire”. I had had to power it outside my surge protection board as it seems that not enough power was getting to it to enable it to funcion, using the board.

Then my computer started to “play up” until eventually I was completely unable to re-boot. After talking to the manufacturer and taking the drive off, the computer then returned to normal, with no further problems.

There’s a known issue with some computers not booting while an external drive is connected. However this behavior occurs due to settings on the computer Bios and not the drive. You can try disabling boot from usb or legacy usb support, although if your using an usb keyboard or mouse I will not suggest to disable legacy usb support since those will not work once setting has been disabled.

You can also try disconnecting the drive once the computer is off and reconnected once running as a last resort :smiley:

You’ll probably have to look on your PC maker’s site to see how to get into the BIOS if you can’t see it on the slpash screen.