My Book Essentials - Super Slow Backup

Hello board. I am a new My Book owner.  Here is the background:  Windows 7 and my ASUS motherboard (before bootup) was telling me my 2nd HD (internal Hitachi 2TB) was failing. I can still view data (family Pics & Vids) on the drive, and Windows’ disk utilities showed no issues with the drive. Still, to be safe,  I purchased a My Book Essentials 3TB, updated the firmware and software, and started a category backup. The backup process is VERY slow. It has taken 3 hours to backup 267 MB of 297 GB.  I have tried changing to different USB 3.0 ports on the back of my PC, moving to a 2.0 port, restarting my PC, power cycling the My Book, and nothing helps.

Is it possible the issue is my failing Hitachi drive, or could it be something else?  Thanks in advance for the input.

to verify if the issue is with the drive you can try connecting to a different computer

the performance you are experiencing is awful

there is something there that does not work

you can also test the drive with the smartware settings

You are correct, if your Hitachi drive is about to fail this could be the cause of the slow transfer rate.  To confirm this try manually copying a few files from your primary drive to the My Book, in order to compare results.  You can also try to copy some files manually also from the Hitachi.