My Book Essentials not reading on win7/win8 (solved)

I bought a 3tb eseentials just after Christmas and it worked fine on both my mac and my pc. I formated it to fat32(or whatever is is for macs, exFAT?) and used it as a time machine/storage. Then at some point it stopped reading on my windows machine. I’ve tried everything in the book. Under Computer managment it shows up but it doen’t have a drive letter and all the options for it are greyout except for “delete volume”. No drivers have worked. Deleing windows drivers and reinstalling hasn’t worked. NOTHING. And I’ve had it, it just needs to work!

Edit: And i just upgraded to windows 8 and I have the same problem

Edit2: my drive is NFS+, didn’t realize.

First  of all, time machine does not support fat32. Do you have important files inside the drive? If not you just need to reformat the drive.

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Well that makes sense then… It’s HFS+. No wonder…solved!