My Book Essentials Clicks, Shows as CD Drive

My father purchased his My Book Essentials 1TB external HDD half a year ago.

After building a new computer and installing Windows on it, it started acting odd.

After plugging in the My Book, the LED blinks and you can hear the disk click.

SmartWare doesn’t detect the drive at all

The disk shows up in Device manager, however.

Even weirder though, while in disk management the process hangs until I unplug the drive.

I’m very technically oriented, however this is giving me a headache.

Note: All the files on the drive are backed up via the cloud. He just wants the drive to work.

I could also care less about keeping the SmartWare software and the data encryption in tact, as long as it ends up as a usable drive.

System Specs:


Gigabyte Z68AP-D3 Mobo

Intel Core i5 2500K

If you need anything else, just ask~

Well if you can hear clicking sounds I don’t think it is possible to fix it. But just in case run a test with DLG.