My Book Essential on my N600 netgear router

As the title suggests, I have:

My Book Essentials 3TB external hard drive

N600 Wireless Dual Band Router (model WNDR3700)

What I want is to plug my drive into my router and use it to back up my two desktops and my laptop. Currently, the drive is recognized by the router but will not show up on my computer. From the research I’ve done since purchasing this drive, it looks like the drive wasn’t intended to work this way. Is there any work-around to get this working? I’d hate to have to return the drive, but if I can’t get it to do what I bought it for there’s no reason to keep it. 

Hey there, in fact you are right, the drive was not manufactured as a Network drive, however, when I found that I could simply connect my drive directly to each computer and backup one at the time while connected to USB I found it really convenient due to the difference in prices with these and the network drives.

Initially that was what I started to do, but I’m not happy with that work around. The idea of connecting the external to my router and being able to access it without hassle is what sold me on both the external as well as the router, and I’m frustrated enough right now that I’m about ready to return both items. 

In that case, what you need is a Network drive. I have a My Book Live that is working beautiful on my network I found it here: