My Book Essential Not Showing Up

Hello everyone,

   Before I start I read the sticky on this problem. I was just wondering if anyone else could answer this faster then me calling up microsoft and sitting on the phone for an hour and a half.

Ok here are my specs

3tb usb 3.0 Mybook Essential

Windows 64bit pro

Custom build pc

Story: I was using my hard drive last night and it was working fine. I wasnt changing any system settings at the time so I dont see why it quit working. But anyway, when i got home today I noticed my computer wasnt recognizing the drive at all. I unplugged it and plugged it back in, checked the disk managment, tried different ports, made sure the cables werent loose. The lights are on and the disk is booting up and spinning. I went and plugged it into my other computer and everything came up fine. Nothing was showing up in disk managment on my computer.  I know it must be a driver issue but on the support page all I seen was firmware and smartware updates. I dont understand what happend. Any advice would be great. 

Hi dude, did you try on device manager? There ARE drivers fot his drive, called SES drivers. Also, do you have a password on the drive?

No i dont have a password. and i also checked device manager.