My Book Essential is not working


I brought a My Book Essential and after a month or two it suddenly stopped working, I have recently got a new laptop and it shows up in ‘Device Manager’ and in 'Computer magnetometer’s ‘Disk management’ but doesn’t show up in ‘My Computer’ but when ever I try to do anything in disk management it says “The Device Is Not Ready.” When I’m in WD SmartWare it shows up but says “No writable WD SmartWare partition found” and I’ve tried installing all the software for it but when I try to it using WD Firmware Updater it says "Firmware update failed on specified drive. Please click Exit, then close all other open applications and then run the  WD Firmware Updater again. I’ve tried how many times and yet the same thing.

Please Help.

Hi, sound like a faulty hard drive, but you can try to write zeros with DLG if you don’t have any important files.

Yea, thank you for trying to help, It’s just too stubborn and wont let me or do anything.