My Book Essential for Mac 10.4 Problem

Hi everyone. I’m new to the website. I have a Mac 10.4 Tiger laptop. I recieved a 1TB My Book Essential external hard drive as a gift recently. I have connected the drive to my computer, and the Smartware shows up and so does the drive. When the smartware opens, it seems to work fine. I am having a problem backing anything up. I click backup, and uncheck the pause backup until computer is idle button, but nothing happens. The ideal way for me to use this would be simply to drag and drop files onto the hard drive icon itself to save them onto it. I really want to save my iTunes library on it to save space on my actual laptop. If anyone knows how to fix this problem, I would really appreciate it! Thanks so much for any responses in advance, and happy new year!!

Have you tried using Apple Time Machine?  It probably already has your situation figured out.

I just connected a 1 Tb My Book Studio Essential II and after going thru the WD setup, Time Machine took over from there.  I am using an iMac and Snow Leopard.


I am using Mac OS snow leopard. I had just bough a 1TB My passbook essential. However, when I plug it in, nothing happens other than the smartware and the disc mount itself on my desktop. I cannot copy any file into the HD  nor can I drag and drop them into the HD. Looked at the folder status, it is a read-only. Why is this so?

Do I need to reformat the HD? I thought WD disc are all plug and play?

Please kindly help.

Thank you.


1TB My passbook essential is pre-formatted with NTFS.

1TB My passbook essential for Mac is pre-formatted with APM.

If you have 1TB My passbook essential, you have re-format/partition using Disk utility to (HFS+J format and GUI partition).

Good luck.