My Book Essential Edition with Windows 7

I have an older My Book Essential (with the green ring), WD2500C032, and it was working fine until I tried to use it with a new laptop using Windows 7. My new Sony VAIO recognizes there’s something attached, but there’s always an error and I cannot access it. The driver available at the site is for Windows 98SE and they said it shouldn’t require drivers if running Windows 2000, XP, or Vista. Any thoughts on how I can at least retrieve the data in My Book if it’s somehow incompatible with my new laptop? Thanks!

Sorry to hear about the situation your haveing. But that unit your refering to is not compatible with win7. For future reference when its not stated on the packaging dont even try it on that OS. As far as the data. First you need to contact WD to see if its still under warranty. If its not I would suggest you carefully open the enclosure and put the drive as a slave in a desktop to see if you can recover the data. I dont know if its a EIDE or SATA. But whatever it is you should have a easy time finding a PC. Dont try putting it in another enclosure because its basically the enclosure that went blitz when connected to a unknown operating system. Let me know if you need help on that procedure. Good Luck.