My Book® Essential Edition denied access

This drive is hooked up to my router as a network drive

I cannot change ownership of this drive- I am the admin. of my computer.

It will not allow me to place folders or files onto it, it denies me access

How do I change ownership of this drive to me while own the network.

When it is connected to my computer directly I do not have this problem


I’m not sure this model will work as a network drive.


I’m having issues accessing MY BOOK - ACCESS DENIED.

I change the “security” settings under “sharing” to hopefully set a password so ONLY I could access my external “My Book Essentials” by going into the Properties, then Security, then taking out “EVERYONE” and left only me : “USER: my name here”  and it immediately blocked my ability to pull the files up by going to My Computer, G: , then My Book…

I went into “properties” and instead of seeing about 10 tabs now I only see about 5…“Security” is no longer one of them.

I only have “sharing” to work with and I took several steps to try to add “Administrator” (aka me!!), “USERS”, “SYSTEM”, etc. but non of the steps I took worked. How do I regain access to my book through my computer?

You didn’t mention your OS this is for Windows 7  maybe it will help. The Sharing Permissions in windows 7 and vista are a real pain. You might also need to take ownership. Try a search on that.