My Book Essential 500GB model WDBAAF5000EBK-01 USB3.0 combatable

hi i have a my book essential 500GB drive (model # in Suject) and i was wondering im getting a new computer with USB 3.0 ports on it. Is it combatible with that version of USB or do i have to just use the USB 2.0 slot

Did the drive come as USB 3.0 compatible? If so it should work but USB 3.0 seems to be a bit buggy from what I can see. It should work on USB 2.0 without problems.


when i got it the box said it used USB 2.0 

Then it will only work on USB 2.0. There is on way to upgrade the external drive to use USB 3.0.


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thanks if you could just let me know how to do that so whne i get the computer that has it i can so it that would be great