My Book Essential 3TB Won't Play DVD Rips?

It appears I am having the same problem that is referenced in this post  here

I have not been able to find a solution and since the previous post is read only I thought I would ask again.

My dvd rips will not play on my new WD 3TB drive. The drive plays all other file types just fine. Also, I can move the dvd rips back to my internal drive as well as to other external drives (a WD 500GB among them) and they play with no problem. I have tried using Windows Media Center, Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic.  I’ve updated the driver and firmware. I’ve tried plugging it into a different USB port and also tried it with a different computer.  I have Windows 7 though the second computer I tried it with has XP. I’ve also tried re-ripping the dvds and used 3 different programs but again I have the same problem. 

So with all this I’m fairly confident it’s something specific to this drive and hoping somone might have a solution or suggestion? Thanks in advance. 

Based on what I have seen in other boards the problem is not this drive, but the technology used in this drive (4k/Advanced Format/4096b sector size) which seems to have problems over DVD rips since they behave the same way as the original DVD.

In other words, you’ll likely get this problem with most drives over 2TB because of the way they are made.