My Book Essential (3TB) / Windows 7 - problems with drive disconnection

I bought a “My Book Essential” (3TB) for video storage and are happy with the transfer rates at USB3.  With Linux no problem at all I experience problems with WIN7…

After a while the HDD is falling asleep  and is disconnected by the operating system Windows 7! Thus the content of the Non Linear Video Editing (NLE) software is missing as the drive disappears. This is very unproductive as windows suggests to re-format the unit… (poor Redmond Guys, I which I could sue them for such suggestions, one could press the “yes” button accidentally…)

So here my question, is there a way to disable the energy saving function of  the “My Book” drive or was this just the wrong investment?

Thank you for your suggestions.

P.S… Unfortunately the NLE-Software is not as good on LINUX so that I have to stay with the US product for some more time…

You can configure the sleep time to never with Smartware.

Also go into Windows Power Management and disable sleep for the USB. It’s in advanced power options , selective sleep.