My Book Essential 3Tb recognized by Playstation, but won't read files

Hi all,

I’ve had two other My Books before this new one ( this one being an Essentials 3Tb USB 3.0 ) and they’ve both worked fine for me on my Playstation 3.

This one, however, seems to be giving me some issues. I reformatted it fully to FAT32 as required for a PS3 and then moved over some video files.

When plugged into the PC, the drive works perfectly - I can read, move, delete, add, etc files and they are all properly displayed. When plugged into the PS3, however, the drive -is- recognized and the remaining space available is correct, but it claims there are 0 files on it, and will not display the files correctly.

First, when I use the triangle button ‘display all’ it show two directories I have on the drive, but nothing else, and those directories apparently hold nothing according to the PS3. If I go back out and press the triangle again, it displays those two directories and 4 more this time, but no files still. If I do this a third time, It displays a couple of files in one of the directories, but when you try to play the files, it flashes the screen and returns to the desktop.

So this seems odd to me - is there a possibility that the included software ( on my PC ) is still somehow ‘locking’ the drive from use on the PS3? I checked, and it does indicate it’s ‘unlocked’ however.

Any ideas or is anyone having the same issues?

PS - I have used the very same video files successfully on the same PS3 before, just on a thumb drive. Also, the new drive refuses to be detected on my Xbox 360 at all.

Few more bits of information:

I tried hooking up the new drive via WMP on the Playstation, and it recognizes the drive and will read from it, but it’s still ‘filling’ in directories and files within them over time. It’s been about 15 minutes and each time I go into a directory, there are more files showing up. It’s like you almost have to keep ‘booting’ on the drive to make it run or something.

However, the files play just fine over streaming once they are shown.