My Book Essential 3TB Not Being Recognized By Windows 10 Home

Ever since I upgraded to Windows 10, I can’t get this external HDD to even show up in the disk manager. It turns on…powers up…but nothing. Once in a while I’ll get a notification from Windows saying that the USB device is unable to be recognized by Windows, but that’s the extent of it actually “existing” to Windows…and it doesn’t happen all the time when restarting the drive. Send help.

Windows 10 is full of bugs it’s probably a driver issue for either the HD or USB stuff.

Wouldn’t WD be the one to create a fix for this?

That is one of the problems of upgrading to a new OS when it first comes out. Apparently MS didn’t work that closely with hardware and software vendors again. Windows 7 they did very well but Win8 and 10 is more this is what you are getting. Also an upgrade often has more problems than a clean install. Does iit show up in Device manager?

This is not a WD problem - it is down to MS now considering that networked devices that don’t require a password are a security risk even on a private intranet. I found a MS article that explained it but can’t find it again now!!!
I upgraded one of my laptops to W10 and all was ok until MS sent a major upgrade last month, when my MyBook disappeared from view. Same thing happened with a brand new machine with Win10.
Googling the problem came up with lots of suggestions which involved diving into Win10 innards and seemed only occasional fixes but here is a simple workaround which works for me, and anyone can do.

In File Explorer type “\\YourNASname” and [enter]. Your NAS should appear under Network in the LH pane. Right-click it and select “Pin to Quick Access”. This will now always be there even though your NAS will not usually appear under Network after a reboot.

Mapping a drive letter to a folder on the NAS works as usual except for one thing - you cannot browse for the folder from within the Map a Drive form. Instead, first browse to it from the Quick Access link you just created and then right click the address bar and select “Copy address”. Then you can map a drive in the usual way, but paste the address in instead of browsing from the form.
[Mapping drive letter in Win10 is File Explorer - This PC - Computer in menu bar - Map Network Drive]