My Book Essential 3 TB

I have used Smartware in the past to backup files on my hard drive, but now I am going to another backup program. I want to erase the files that Smatware backed up but I would like to keep the ability that Smartware has to shut down the hard drive after a fixed amount of time if it is not in use.

Here are the files on the hard drive: WD Quick Formatter.exe, WD SmatWare, WD SmartWare for Mac, WD SmatWare.exe, WD SmartWare.swstor

Which file(s) should I remove and will I still be able to use the timer in SmartWare?

Thanks for your help.


WD Smartware keeps the backups on the folder that says WD Smartware.swstor, so if you delete that folder, the backed files will be erase from the drive.