My book essential 2tb overpowered by laptop charger

Hi unfortunately my gf wanted to use my 2tb hdd when i wasn’t around and she ended up using her laptop charger to power it… It was smoking for a second or two… 
the PCB looks a little corroded and discolourd. but the diodes all look good! 
the bridgeboard on the other hand has something that looks blown and brownish ( APM4532    RN3L1 )

when the drive is together and i power it up it makes a quite squeal. its unrecognizable to the pc also the light blinks

when the bridge board was off i tried my sata to usb and it heated up instantly and smoked so havent tried that again!

when the bridge board was off  I plugged it into my pc and it shows up as unallocated space under disc management!! 

but when bridgeboard is plugged in it doesn’t even sound like its on and also faintly squeals…

I had an idea but idk really if itd do anything i was going to put my hdd into my pc so it would power up and then have a sata go from the PCB to the bridge board… and then the regual usb from the bridgeboard to the pc. since the pc powers it up but not the bridgeboard…

any help guys ive had it stored away for months now and you guys are its last hope 

Well you fried the bridge board maybe this will help . If you aren’t a tech person maybe it would help some electronics repair person see if it is fixable.


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