My Book Essential 2TB long detecting time


I have bought  a 2TB My Book Essential since 2 months.

When I connect usb cable to my usb2 pc port , it takes 35 - 60 sec until windows shows drives on my computer.

I checked on other pc and even TV and My phone USB on the go and They are all the same.

I Just want to know is it normal ? because I have seen other external hdd detection time below 10 sec.

Do U have lot of information on the drive?

Yes I do, But it is not the case. 

That was the same when I had not alot data on it. 

Have u try to connect the drive in another computer Or have u try another device in this computer

if u try another device in ur computer and take the same time is for sure ur computer

but now that u have alot of data on the drive if ur take the drive to another computer it might take up to a min to see it