My Book Essential 2TB is Getting Slow


I have a My BooK Essential 2TB USB 3.0. After 8 months one day (last week) I saw when I plug the to the PC it took 5 minutes to recognize. 

Now it’s a same thing. I’ve tried with another computer (MAC) it’s a same and takes few minutes to recognize and bit rate is around 700 KBs. I’ve treid another cable and it didn’t work.

I took the hard out of the box! I put it in MAC Pro and it recognize but it couldn’t mount any partition! 

I bought another hub for SATA, I try with that and it’s not working either! It’s like WD locked this hard with its software or sth (is it true?)

But once again, it’s still working with its own WD case but it’s awful. I can’t get a back up of 2 TB data with 700 KB/s! 

What are you guys suggesting? How can I get this work with out any hub or case? Is it really lock and not recognize by any other hubs or software.

note: there is no password set for this hard and all computer that i’ve tested have WD SmartWare installed.


Well the drive is not meant to be taken from the enclosure as it’s not compatible with other enclosures

the drive was not working well to begin with so you should have replace it right there 

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You can try running a test with DLG and check if you have a hardware or corrupted data problem. If the test completes succefully then just write zeros also using DLG and format it so you can use it again. If the test fail, no luck you will need to replace it.

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Thanks for replays. Can I use the exact same controller (another My Book essential) and put my hard drive inside? Does it work? Does it more look like a controller fault or hard drive? (btw LGD failed on both quick and extended test)

And last question. If I put the hard drive inside a computer (MAC Pro) or another HUB which they both offer a format and create a partition, can i be able to recover my data after formating and creating a partition? (because I’m not looking for a replacement. It’s been a year and I’ve oppened the device so there is no warranty and I really care abt my data more than the device at the moment)

Thanks a lot.