MY BOOK ESSENTIAL 2TB 3.0 other partition not working

Please help…

First Case :

The first problem i got with this ext is when my friend copy data from my HD and there is one files that  can’t copy having i/o error. Then 2 days later i go to my other friend to copy data. For information my HD have 2 partition, i set A : 500 GB and B : 1,5TB. When my B partition is only 30GB left, i copy data from my friend and the copying data is moving. Then i wait for 10min and there is no progress then i try to cancel but it can’t be cancel, i wait again but the cancel not work. I decided to plug off the usb cable. When i plug it in again the problem arise, the driver not recognize. Then i plug it in again for the second time the driver recognize. When i check my A partition there is no problem, but when i click in B partition my computer is not responding. And when i try to hear my ext sound there is tik… tik… tik sound.

Then i try to format and it’s success but when i want to recovery it using get data back, it got error and can’t recovery it. I already try data life diagnostic, I try quick test and it got error, then i try extended test when there is only a few bar process it says too many bad sectors and stop working.

Second Case :

This is my friend HD ext, I recommend to buy for him 2 month ago the same type. The first problem is when the HD is being used like 5 min or sometimes more longer. The HD ext is like stop working only the light is ON, and when try to access it got error.
I already try format, change the usb and power cable. I using data life diagnostic but it can’t finish the process, because when in the middle of the process the HD ext is stop working. I even use write zero and only one bar of the process that run then it stop not moving, already waiting for 10 minutes and there is no more process so i turn it off.
I even remove the Case and plug it in my computer, and i try to use low level format. But only error message i got.

For the second case is it still in warranty or no? because i already try remove the ext case

In both cases, you will need to replace the drive.

Case one, you have the clicking of doom, clear proof that the drive is bad an it will have a crash real soon. Also, pulling the data cable of a drive is not recommended, no matter how long it takes to read data, it can lead to data corruption, even damage the drive.

Case two, because you took the drive out of the enclosure, the warranty is voided, as per WD warranty information.

thanks for the reply

if i replace the drive, can i recover my data?

and how to replace the drive, do i need to send my ext to WD in my country?

I honestly don’t know, If you replace the drive, it will depend of WD if they allow you to do a data recovery before RMA the drive.

Contact WD for more information: