My Book Essential 1 TB Disconnect

Tried to get something nice for my wife’s computer but WD took me back to the 20th century when everything was hard for a simple moron like me to understnd.  We were slogging through the setup procedure when we came to a statement something like “this software may destroy your computer unless upgraded.”  So we started the arcane upgrade procedure and got irretrevably lost.  Like the fool I am, I put a password on this thing thinking it would protect me, but what it does is shut me out.  In desperation, I tried to reformat the drive to make it do the conventional Windows 7 automatic backup but of course the password remained and continues to shut me out.  Apparently every time Windows 7 does its thing and puts the computer to sleep or whatever, the WD drive disconnects, requiring the password to be re-entered before any kind of backup can occur.  This sort of defeats the purpose of automatic backup. 

I would like to dump the password and restore My Book, using 21st-century procedures which could be mastered by a simpleton like me.    Alternatively, maybe you want to send me a new drive which does not make dire threats.  No, I am not trying to hold you up; I could have returned My Book to WalMart but it may have personal/confidential info on it so I didn’t.  No, I will not return it to you, either.  You know my character is lily-white because I signed the tersely-worded agreement I had to sign to get on here.  (Last time I checked, WalMart no longer carried this model; they could have had mine before I put data on it.)

BTW, I haven’t figured out how to make the balnked-out reply button on this forum work, and trying to read existing replies is like a nightmare from the 20th century.  I recently read a report which said don’t buy stock in rotating hard-disk manufacturers because their products are obslolete.   I have had a 120 GB WD for many years and thought all WDs would be wonderful.  What a disappointment to see a great company go down!  If anybody has anything to say, perhaps it would be best to funnel it to my email, because who knows if I’ll ever find my way back here.  It’s tough to lose an old friend; I wish WD success in all its future endeavors.

I can totally understand your frustration, but are you looking for help or just to post your experience?

[edit]  Others may need to know in order to help out.