My book elite 1 tb drive smartware not fully working

A week or so ago I bought a western digital my book elite 1 terabyte drive. The software for it was downloaded from the net firmware and wd smart ware all was fine till I downloaded updates for the drive everything works except the erase function within the software followed all the procedures to the letter even re formatting the drive with the device manager within windows vista 32 bit try as I might when formatting the drive within the smart ware all I get is an error message can’t reformat the drive from within the smart ware un connecting other peripherals and reconnecting them to no avail everything works except the drive erase option it is enough to drive you nuts must have uninstalled and re installed this software ten or more times and still no go. Any advice are any of you experiencing the same odd ball glitch like this.  

Hi there, what if you try to destroy and then create a new partition on disk management (Right- click computer> Manage> Disk management) or use the quick formatter utility from WD?

Hope it helps!!!