My Book Duo USB3 wakes while Mac sleeps

Even though I eject the drive before sleeping my MBP, I have several “drive was not ejected properly” messages (looks like about one per hour ish) on the screen when I wake my Mac next. Last time I even powered off the USB3 ExpressCard34 that the drive is plugged into, but it still woke up while the Mac was asleep! The drive sleeps itself while connected if I don’t use it for 30 minutes, so why would it wake up when the Mac is asleep?

Anyone have any idea how I can make the drive stay asleep until the Mac really does wake up??? I don’t really want to unplug it every time I slep. The drive is required almost every time I’m using the Mac.

I’m using Yosemite.



Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

Does the same thing happen when you connect the drive directly to the computer instead of an adapter?


I haven’t tried that, my MBP only has USB2 ports so normally I won’t be plugging it in directly. I am happy to test that though as it does make sense. If it works plugged directly in to the MBP then we know what the problem is! *sigh*

I’ll test it and repost.



I plugged it into one of the MBP’s own USB2 ports, slept the MAc for a couple of hours and on restart there were a slew of unexpected disconection errors and a dialog saying the mirror was corrupt and I should run the diagnostics. I clicked run diagnostics and the diagnostics started, but hung on a white window. I unplugged the drive from the USB2 port, plugged it into the USB3 card, Force quitted the diagnostics, restarted them manually and the drive is fine. 

I think I’ll stick with the USB3 port from now on…