My Book Duo RAID: 2 red lights, one flashing. Can it be fixed?

The drives were working fine. Were set up by someone else who has moved away. But the middle red light is steady and the power light is flashing on and off. The one at the bottom has no red light. Any attempt to save or access my “G” drive and I get “G is not accessible. The request failed due to a fatal device error”. I haven’t owned these terribly long but it’s been a number of months. I’d thought that if one drive failed, the other would take over? Apparently not? I can’t even tell which drive failed, or why, and I certainly don’t know how to fix it. Can someone tell me? (BTW, I’m not schooled in some of the jargon.) Thanks in advance. I not only can’t use any files (and these are multi-terrabyte drives) but all the appointments on my Outlook calendar disappeared before my eyes because it can’t access the .pst file.

Hello maggieclarke,

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support