My Book Duo not working with yellow/amber flashing light

After having a family member un-plugging the 2T my book duo a few days later I’m no longer able to assess the drive with the symptoms now after re-booting:

  1. Drive connects - white light flashing
  2. Drive disconnects - yellow light flashing and not working.

I took it to Data Recovery and their diagnostics said:
" * File System Corruption/Damage - Manual Repair needed"

I set this drive up as a RAID-1 1 terabyte a piece.

They are confident that they will be able to save the data in this case.

Point to others: Make sure you know that RAID does not equal backup.

It’s fine to use RAID but also have a backup.

My question is why do you think this happened. If it was from being uplugged - why did it take a few days for it to crump?

Hi @RogerDavid,

Please follow the below link for Windows or macOS Cannot Find My Drive.

Title: Windows or macOS Cannot Find My Drive.

Link: Windows or macOS Cannot Find My Drive

In order to understand the health of the drive, we would request you to install WD Drive Utilities and share the test result with us:

Title: Setting Up and Using WD Security and WD Drive Utilities