My Book crashes my Windows7 laptop

I had (have) a 500GB MyBook storage drive that I’ve used for some time (4 years) for backing up my data. I bought a new windows 7 laptop with a 250GB SSD last year and realized I hadn’t backed it up on my MyBook. So, I went to try it on the MyBook and it kept crashing my laptop after about 30-60 minutes. I would get the blue screen of death and have to restart the computer.

I figured it must be the fact that the older MyBook didn’t support Windows 7 so I bought a new 3TB MYBook and went to use it and had the same issue. It gets to about 26GB of a 75GB back up and then just shuts down the PC.  This is very frustrating and I can not figure out what’s making it happen. Has anyone else had this experience?

No, but you might try this. Enroll in the Carbonite 15 day trial. Upload everything to Carbonite. Then download it to another computer with your new hard drive.

Your new laptop should have wifi capabilities. Set up a home network (requires a router) , connect with another computer and copy your files.

Finally, Widows does come with the software to hook two computers together. It’s called Remote Assistance. Get your local garu to help you.

Thanks. But I am not trying to move data to my new laptop. I am just trying to back it up as I’ve already got 75GB of data on my new laptop that has not been backed up! Fortunately it’s a SSd so less likely to crash than a HD I suppose but still very risky…That’s why I bought the MyBook.

I have gone ahead and subscribed to a 1 month service at CrashPlan for $5.99 and begun backing up to their service. If I can figure out how to get the WD MyBook to work properly with my PC then I’ll go ahead and move my data to it. Otherwise, I’ll send it back and stay with the CrashPLan service I guess. Kinda disappointing.