My book blocks starting up computer at all

My Book 3TB blocks starting up compuer (win10) when it connected. Only way is disconnect MyBook, Restart computer hardway,(hold startbutton 5 sec). After runing: then connect (230V or USB) MyBook and it is OK. That’s not normal procedure, I think. Any advise?
I have never had this before with any other external hardisk so far.
Computer is a normal HP P1040NL perfect running machine.


See if this helps.

The menu of BIOS in this HP P7 1040NL does not have this kind of choises in a way of disable/able
There is a component with boot order but USB is not included.
So, only way to use the WD my book 3TB is, after starting the PC and then plug in the 12V connector.
it’s a bed of medieval. Maybe better to make a switch in the cord my self.
(I use this unit only for video edits, sometimes weekly, and the usb port must be stuck as you know)
Why don’t you have drives with a on-off switch? This wil happen often, I guess.
for me, It’s ok and close this session.