My Book backup stuck at 6%

I bought a WD My Book (6TB) last week and installed the required softwares like WD Backup to carry out backing up of my laptop files. But it’s always stucked at 6%. Even though I have uninstalled and re-installed WD Backup and also uninstalled the previous Smartware (used to have a WD 4TB).

Does anyone know what’s the issue that’s preventing the backup to progress beyond 6% ? Thanks in advance.

I’m using a HP Laptop with Win10 pro.

There are many causes to WD Backup not working:

  • Fragmented disk: defragment disk to optimize the performance of the WD My Book.
  • Infected computer: Check and remove Virus with anti-virus software.
  • File Permissions: if the file you want to backup is in use, it will be failed. Just close all the opened files to backup.
  • Long Filename: Rename a short file name.
  • Folder Paths Too Long: move the folder to the root folder to make the path short.
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