My Book 8tb v2 won't let my TV from LG read my Music folder. Need help


Previously, I owned 3 WD Passport devices. All of which my TV easily replayed without any issues. Two of them were 2tb and the last one was 1 tb version of WD Passport.

Now, with the purchase of my 8tb My Book, it (my TV) reads everything perfectly fine except for some unknown reason my Music folder. Please do not tell me there is something wrong with my television set as I wrote previously that I had owned three WD Passports and they all worked perfectly fine.

Yes, I have tried basically tried everything I could do like reformatting My Book, it has went through 2 very long unit tests, several brief scan tests, doublechecked if my device is up to date, which it is firmware wise and program wise, tried renaming my Music folder, moved them into a different folder but nothing works.

Interestingly, if I put a single mp3 file in or outside any folder, it will play the file. However, as stated before, it won’t let my tv open the main directory/folder known as my Music.

Please tell me there is a solution to this, if not, then I am forced to return the item to my local store. To be clear, I have no issue moving single big files or joined folders to My Book device. My issue is when I plug the device to my TV set and enter my Music folder, my TV states: “reading” without being able to enter the folder.

Sincerely, Yashar

Also, I tried entering my serial number to contact support but it keeps telling me my serial number is invalid. I have tried entering my serial number with and out S/N:

Do you have a lot of music tracks; perhaps well over 1000? If so, it may be taking its time reading and cataloging the files.

If you can, give support a phone call.

I just checked, I got 3006 mp3 files, all categorized in various subfolders. I believe I have tried waiting but it shouldn’t take this long. With my previous WD Passport, it took 2-3 seconds before it loaded all folders. I will do as you suggested, call my Swedish support for WD a call, hope they can help :(((

Update: I took a single mp3 file and put in my main directory. My Tv managed to play a single mp3 file after like 10-15 seconds. Something is definitely fishy. I can play a moviefile which is 15gig big without any issue or longer wait at all. Like I don’t have to wait more than a few mere seconds. But it’s definitely struggling playing a single mp3 file.