My Book 8Tb Needs to be formatted

I have an external My Book 8Tb drive that now says I need to reformat drive for use. I had over 6tb of data (movies and tv series) to be transferred to My Cloud for home use.

Is there any way to remove the drive from the external enclosure and re-mount it as an internal drive? It won’t do anything for me at this point after trying a known good cable.



Hi BJohnson3,

You can try to connect My Book directly into USB port of My Cloud and run USB to NAS backup job to backup My Book data in My Cloud. You can refer below below article for USB to NAS backup in My Cloud.

However, make sure to check the compatible file format of My Book drive to use with My Cloud device.

i tried to connect the 8TB to my PR4100 My Cloud and it said “Unable to Mount device”

Other Ideas??

Thanks in advance!