My Book 6TB

Bought a new My Book 6TB yesterday to replace an earlier, smaller capacity My Book that was full. The SmartWare has the Backup and Retrieve tabs “greyed out” and the backup target box is blank, i.e. no Drop Box or My Book options. Further, I’ve been getting a message that my 30 day trial has expired (presumably from my earlier My Book) and so I can’t use that software. Also, I tried to backup my C Drive overnight (870 gigs) using just “WD Backup” but it took 12 hours for it to save just 30gigs which I presume is way too long for it to be normal. What am I doing wrong? Any help would be appreciated.


Not too familiar with My Book, but Yes, WD Backup does take a lot of time for the first backup, because it has to back up every thing and set up the proper organization… It will run much quicker doing daily backups. And the total on the backup drive might be nearly double of what is on the C: drive. This is because it has to save MANY future changes rather than just 5 in Smartware.

Other than that I can’t help you for My Book drives.