MY Book 500 GB documentation

Where can I find documentation to help with recovery of data from the “My Book”, please?.

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What type of issues are you having with your My Book unit? 

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I connected my My Book 500 to a PC that I am trying to recover the files to, I can see the folders for My Book, including one called “N360_Back-up” which seems to have a lot of backed up file folders, identified as {0, {1, {2, etc . If I click on any of those, I see the detailed files within, and if I click on any one of these, I am asked “how do you want to open this file?”.

Whichever of these I choose, it doesnt seem to work.

Not that I want to open them one by one.  But I wondered if there was some documentation (or advice) I could get re the correct process or steps to recover the data (photos and MS files mainly) from by My Book back-up.

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Well the N360_Back-up seems that could be referring to Norton 360, If you had this software installed on the computer it might help you with the recovery of the files. 

I am trying to recover the files to a different PC than the one I had backed-up from onto the My Book.  That PC does not have N360, so perhaps that’s part of my problem.  

But is there no way around this type of conflct?  Does that mean that I have to have Norton installed to recover?  (I now use McAfee on my latest PC). Thanks.