MY Book 500 GB Costco edition

Well my MyBook stopped working.  It powers up (spins), and I hear some head movement I think, then after maybe 10 sec, it sounds like it’s spinning up again, and it repeats this cycle. 

I have tried it in 2 other external enclosures to no avail.  In one, (Adaptec) it just makes a noise like it’s trying to spinup, but it’s not. (no gyro action)

I recently bought a newer 500GB Caviar Blue and swapped the boards, but the result was the same and the new drive with it’s own board did the same thing leading me to believe that the problem is with the enclosure.

Is there a list of compatible enclosures for this drive?  Should I just try some?

It’s never been dropped or fried with the wrong power supply, and usage has just been to store movies, ie light usage.


Windows Vista on Dell, Pentium 4, 2.5GB RAM




Thanks for your help, and apologies if there is a similar thread.  I couldn’t find it.

Since you’re down to SATA nonfunctional bare drive (WD5000AAKS-00YGA0), the job is now belongs to Data Recovery professionals; if you need your data recovered.

I guess you have ruined new Caviar Blue as well. Culprit may be your My Book’s interface board. Most of the My Books use 12Volts power adaptor to power the enclosure. Drive needs +3.3V, +5V & +12V power supply. My Book interface board consists of at least one 12V to 5V series voltage regulator. If this series regulator get short circuited, 12V DC will present on 5V or 3.3V supply rail. You can check this if you have simple (cheap) multi-meter without a drive attached.

Pin-outs are available here.

If you find something different on power supply connecter, your My book enclosure is no longer usable.

Mabikay – SLK

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Thanks for the help.  I am reading 12.20V and 5.00 on the output to the drive (Molex) from the book’s board.  There are yellow/black and red/black leads going there.   Perhaps some other part of the board is bad?

Should I try another enclosure, or are these drives particular as to which enclosures they function with?

Okay, Red represent +5V, Yellow represent +12V and Black is Negative. All seems to be ok. And yes sometimes SATA interface might have an issue but it is very rare.

If you could post the model number of the My Book would enable me to get more detail on the net.

If you have standard SATA drives in your enclosure, you could use any of USB to SATA enclosure in your preference. Actively cooled once are better. Let me know what exactly you want to do at this point.

Mabikay - SLK

The MyBook is labeled MDL: WD5000P032.

I called WD and of course they don’t support other enclosures  and were of no help regarding swapping the new Caviar into the older Book.

I am off now to buy a couple of SATA enclosures.  Can’t hurt, and if they don’t work, I’ll return them.

Results soon…

Wish you all the Best!

Well I bought a Sabrent HDD enclosure and the new Caviar worked with it ok, but the old one didn’t, even with the newer one’s board.  It even stopped rotating altogether at one point with the original board.  I guess it’s gone. 

It just seems weird that the internal motor or whatever would be bad after so little use.  Or is is just that I maybe need the exact board for the drive.


3.5", why?

The SATA connection was the ‘slide in’ type.

Because I brought a WD MyBook 500GB external drive and the usb port broke off. So I purchased a Sabrent Usb 2.0 to SATA/IDE hard drive adapter (that came with an ac power adapter). It works fine. I can access all my data and everything but the drive gets hot from my long hours of usage. So I wanted to purchase an enclosure that with fit my MyBook drive and still allow me to use a usb port hook up… I have measured the drive but my numbers are like 4" width and over 5.5" height so I don’t know what size enclosure to buy - that’s why I asked. I’m wondering what size enclosure should I buy.

You’ll will be better off with any 3 ½” actively cooled (with fan) USB enclosure. What you measured is the outer dimensions of your disk drive. 3 ½” designation comes from its platter size and not from the outer dimensions.

Does that mean I still have some dismantling to do? if so, how? Or  do I have to buy somethng that fits the outer dimensions? 

Well I guess WD must be ■■■■ then?  I have several Seagate drives going strong after 7+ years, while this MyBook craps out at under 3?  With very little usage too!

This being a WD forum, I expect fanwanking, but this can’t be a fluke. 

Or is it?