My Book 3TB / USB 3.0/2.0 Not connecting to Sony BluRay BDP S380

Having trouble - is this drive FULLY USB 2.0 compatible?

My WD 1.5 TB USB 2.0 drive works, and a flash drive NTSB formatted works.

Any thoughts? I downloaded the latest firmware for both the drive and the BDP S380.

It may be the drive size. NTFS drives less than 2 T use MRB if they are larger than 2 T they need GPT. Does Sony use the GPT as well as MRB?


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Thanks - will ask Sony if they do MBR AND GPT.  Very helpful.

Will actually try a powered USB hub to see if that does the trick.


Is there any way to partition the drive and have both “drives” be MBR only?

I’m not a techie…

Sony said it will NOT support a drive greater than 2.0 TB.