My Book 3TB Drive hangs win 7 OS when connected

Hi All,

I have just purchased my brand new My Book Essential 3TB and I cant seem to boot into windows when the drive is connected.

I am running Win 7 Ultimate 32bit.

As soon as I unplug my drive USB or Power cable it boots my pc in 25 seconds. I can however use this drive just fine when I am in windows. I can backup, play, open and or delete files just fine.

It seems to hang at the post not even showing any bios options.

If I dont find any solutions soon I am moving to Segate or some other vendor.

I have also looked into bios settings and there is nothing in there that I can set so it will help me boot.

Any suggestions??



It is probable that the Smartware firmware is interfering with the boot process. Assuming you have not tried to boot from the My Book and your BIOS settings are correct, there is nothing much you can do except plug in the drive after you boot.

Others have reported the same problem with Smartware enabled drives. You can hide but not disable the Smartware VCD software.

This link basically says it all.

It seems like some computer BIOSs can handle the boot with a Smartware enabled drive plugged in and some can’t.

Just a suggestion. Do you have USB legacy enabled in your BIOS? I had a similar problem with a different external hard drive some time ago. Not having it set to enable can either slow booting way down or prevent it altogether.

Eddie_E advice is a good one, visit the link below, it have some information on this issue: