My Book 3TB can't operate

Hi guys!
Got the next issue with My Book WDBACW0030HBK-01. It runs under Win10 directly to the USB socket. My system recognize the device (I can see it in MyComputer and device manager) but I cant open it to operate my data. System sudgests me to format it, but I have to much of memories on it. WD secures its HDD from copying data with 3rd party racks, so I can’t just disassemble the My Book drive and copy the data. Guess the controller card of the device failed. Found the information to such a problem over internet that updating of the firmware can help. So if somebody knows how to fix it and could help me…
BR, Andrey

Don’t mess around with the drive … the more you do, the less chance of recovering your data.

Contact a Data Recovery service … and next time keep at least 2 backups of any important personal data in case of situations like this.

I have exactly the same issue. thanks for this reply worked for me.