My Book 3.0 makes Keyboard/Mouse not work properly on new Mac mini

Hello, I have had a My Book 3.0 1TB drive operating for about a year on my PC without any issues. I recently upgraded to a MAC mini and when I attach the drive, the Keyboard/mouse start acting weird. The Keys are not inputting and the mouse jumps all over the screen. I have formatted the drive using the Mac disk utility and still no luck. I can access the drive just fine but I cannot get rid of this one issue. Has anyone seen something like this before? Thanks!

Make sure that the computer have the latest USB drivers installed


its a new mac mini so i am being told that the drives are all up to date. Also, i tried using the WD firmware upgrade but it keeps telling me that the HDD is locked and cannot be updated. 

This might sound dumb but sometimes you need to upgrade the firmware on a Windows PC. Personally I don’t upgrade firmware unless I’m having problems. I would try installing fresh drivers for the mouse and keyboard. I don’t know much about Macs but you would need to delete the old ones even if it is the same driver revision. Find some help from Mac forum to replace those drivers. Sometimes drivers get corrupted installing software.


I am on hold with tech support from WD and it would seem as though my similar issue has to do with the power needed to drive the passport drive I have and the wireless keyboard/mouse that I have plugged into the mac mini (at least that’s what the rep can summize and it does sound plausible). At 1st he offered to send me a new cable that would be powered and then that seemed to change to maybe we will send you another drive or we can send you another of the same cable that you already have (maybe it’s defective??). Anyways, I took the new cable path and we will see if that solves the issue. If not I will see if I can get the retailer to take it back or sell it via CL/Ebay/etc and buy another that will work correctly. Will let you know how it goes and if any of these items makes a difference.

Looks like my issue is best described here

Intel actually did testing on this issue (USB 3 interference with wireless devices in close proximaty)

Anyways, I had an extension cable for my logitech wireless MS wireless keyboard USB dongle thing and moved it away from my mac mini and the offending WD drive; all seems to be working better now.

My concern here though has to do if I upgrade to Bluetooth keyboard and mouse will I have the issue appear again?

What type of keyboard and mouse did the original poster have? (bluetooth, usb wireless dongle, wired)??