My book 2tb prob erasing/updating

Trying to fully erase my My Book Essential 2TB 3.0 usb, I have firewall down and other backups ceased, no apps open and it says the drive is in use.  I have hard and soft booted several times, same issue.  And got the notify on firmware update, when I tried to install it is says error The app has encountered an unexpected error and is not exiting.

It has been backing up fine and diagnostics pass.  I just want to wipe it and start over.  Running Win 7, all windows updates are installed.


Hi, the problem might also be caused by an anti-virus program. You can also delete the files manually (right click delete).

Yes I meant to point out I had disabled anti-virus program, firewall, the other external hard drive and I checked all my net framework files were up to date.  I am concerned that deleting files individually may cause issues later.  Should I try the WD Quick Formattng utility?  Would that disable the ability to back up more than one drive?